Capital at risk. Please read our Disclaimer

CCC has set a soft cap to raise £6,000,000 from sales of CBC during this first ‘Beer Coin Offering (BCO)’.

80% of the monies raised will go into buying brewing equipment for the breweries. The remaining 20% will go to CCC for marketing, further development and the running of the business.

The 80% will be used to purchase brewing equipment at favourable high volume rates and leased to the breweries. This can be paid back in fiat, crypto or shares in the brewery. In the event of the brewery falling into financial difficulties, the brewing equipment will be returned. As the brewing equipment is steal and there are waiting lists for the equipment, the value of the equipment is often kept and, in some cases, can be sold on at a profit.

As the business expands, the intention is to sell more sets of CBC through CCC via future fundraising rounds and through sales of CBC´s directly to the beer drinking public using the app.

Important Documents

Below you'll find a collection of documents that you might find helpful. Please do let us know if you're interested and need more information.